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White Paper

Miners are transaction workers.
Wallet address to receive coins. Send withdraw from your balance.

Looking for mining tutorial - [ Click Here ]
The algorithm is 'scrypt' and the network time for blocks is 2m 30s.
The block reward starts at 50 coins then halves every 250,000 blocks.
This chain is Proof of Work.
The Network
node1.herbsters.com and node2.herbsters.com started the decentralized process.
Pre-Mined Coins
every hour return and get free coins in the faucet - [ herbsfaucet.com ]
Claim free coins every hour, Play Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, Slots casino - [ herbscasino.com ]
Plus there are coin rewards for tasks at [ http://location.best ]
There is a GitHub Repository at http://github.com/herbsters/herbsters ]
For compile information for your OS read doc/build-*

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